Meet Our Team

Meet the team behind the client’s on-demand system

Our mission

We teach our clients proven systems and strategies that really work to improve the health of their patients and to be well rewarded for their time. We also give you the technical support AND mindset to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your teams and business.

Alicia and Wendy


Alicia and Wendy are co-founders and creators of the Leontieff & Davis systems- systems which are proven in practice to work, achieving incredible results for both patients and business owners alike. We have worked with over 50 healthcare individuals from all around the world to improve the lives of thousands of patients and increase their turnover from 5 to 6 figures and beyond.

Head of teams

All members of the teamwork as a united front within every aspect of the company. We have hired the best professionals to make sure our systems are implemented correctly and are constantly driven forwards.


Head Receptionist

“Hi! I, myself have M.E. and so have always been a big believer in the complementary medicines and techniques and so this role has enabled me to grow in knowledge.

Part of what I love about belonging to this family is watching our patients travel through their journey and seeing how we help them build, what is sometimes a new life, free of pain.

In 2 short years, I worked my way up from Junior to Head Receptionist and having trained all our reception team using the Leontieff & Davis systems, I now look forward to meeting you and I’m excited to help your team to do the same.”


Operations Manager

“When I met Alicia and Wendy, I soon realised that they both shared the same focus and passion to help improve the lives of their team and their community. This was one of the main reasons which confirmed to me that I had joined the right family.

I love working with our ever-flourishing team and I’m taken aback daily by their complete commitment to you, our clients and your well-being.

I’m now looking forward to meeting you and am excited to help your team grow towards your goals of positively impacting as many lives as you possibly can and being well rewarded for it.”

Media Team


Media Specialist

“I love meeting new people every day, getting to know them and to become a part of their journey towards success. My role enables me to interact with the wider community, including liaising with companies and schools to arrange workshops and talks, to spread the word of how we can help them.

Helping Leontieff & Davis (through their Chiropractic business) to raise money to support local charities as well as the RNLI is very important to me. I love all things media and tech- Facebook, YouTube and CRMS to name a few- I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your business, and I am really looking forward to meeting you and helping you reach your life’s goals.”


Media Specialist

“I have experience in, and love, all things digital and I’m fascinated by how digital tools such as Facebook and Instagram can shape worldviews and lifestyles.

It’s a joy helping Leontieff & Davis clients get more leads for their health businesses as well running the digital marketing for Wendy and Alicia’s Chiropractic business to try and help as many people as possible benefit from the joys of chiropractic care.”

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