About Leontieff & Davis

About Leontieff & Davis

Many coaching systems fail to achieve transformations with lasting results

Why? Because they don’t include the BIG THREE:

  1. Proven systems and strategies that work and are working right now.
  2. They don’t have skin in the game, they teach it but they don’t use it themselves.
  3. They don’t have a world-class support team implementing every day.

3 reasons why we wouldn’t be a good fit for you…

You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

You get what you work hard and pay for. There are no quick fixes, success takes work. We can simplify it for you, hold your hand and give you all the support you need. We can give you a step-by-step guide but you must be willing to pay the price for transformation. All the people you see on this site are incredible individuals, they showed up, were motivated to be coached, were decisive and did everything we asked of them. They worked on their mindset, overcame challenges, fears and overwhelm to achieve transformation and success. Get-rich-quick Schemes are a lie. We will be a terrible fit for you if this is what you are hoping for.

You are not passionate about transforming your life and the lives around you

The reason our clients achieve the success they do is that we empower them to truly change lives whilst being rewarded for the services they provide. To command that means you must be willing to provide not just good services but truly amazing ones. The service you give must be of such a high standard that it gets your patients singing the praises of both you and your team from their rooftops. No offence but how can you command top dollar if you are providing minimum level service? That means from your whole team. If you aren’t interested in transforming your life, your business and the lives around you, then we aren’t for you.

You aren’t 100% committed

Don’t work with us if you aren’t bothered about providing an incredible, world-class service for those who choose to see you. Everything we do is geared to transitioning you from where you are now and transforming you, your team and your business into something you can be proud of. If you aren’t willing to up your game to achieve all that, then we aren’t a good fit for you. Remember money and freedom are just the byproducts or helping your patients achieve optimal health.

Who we’re a good fit for

You may just be starting out or may have been practicing for many years and have plateaued.




Massage Therapist

If you use your knowledge and skills to massively improve the health and lives of your patients, we could help you attract more of the right people, more often and continue to help them and their families for life.

Click on the link below and watch our FREE WEBINAR where we reveal our top 5 reasons why receptionists lose you money and the systems we used to build the team and business of our dreams

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